Harsh Truth and Reality Of Blogging

Content is The King, this is what every successful blogger says. If you ask a blogger what kind of content they want to produce, they will answer “Informative and quality content that would go viral”. But the reality is far far away from this.

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There was a time when those who were actually passionate about writing and sharing information took the path of becoming a blogger, such attitude gave rise to bloggers like Harsh Aggarwal.

Blogging has become a herd race, and for this, some credit goes to YouTubers.

I have seen a number of YouTube videos where they talk about stuff like this- “copy content from other blogs and change sentence structure to avoid plagiarism” and many more so-called secrets like this to ‘succeed in blogging’. They reveal their earnings which make viewers trust what they say.

I saw one such video on YouTube, where a YouTuber revealed his earnings from AdSense which was around 100$ per month. I checked traffic on his blog which was around 25K/month.

Now it may sound lucrative and may motivate you to follow the tips and tricks that he shares. So before you get too much excited or motivated and leave this article in between, let me tell you something that will actually shock you.

I was actually shocked that how can someone with such useless tricks have a decent amount of traffic on his blog.

But once I started reading a few of his articles, I was actually feeling bad for such people. He has never used the same technique for his articles which he promotes on his YouTube channel.

“Ok, so we agree that he was giving false information through his YouTube Channel but since he has a decent amount of traffic on his blog, so it means he has good blogging skills?”

I know this is what you must be thinking. Let me tell you his secret for that 25K traffic on his blog.

There were more than 45 articles on his blog which was not written by him, he outsourced from freelancers(the writer’s name was mentioned). So should you also get your articles written through freelancers? Let me give you a rough calculation and leave it for you to decide.

Total no. of Posts= 45

Average Word/Post= 1100 approx
Average Charges Per Word(in Paisa)

You will always want your blog post to be written by freelancers who had at least 3 to 4 years of experience, you don’t want to pay to get an article written by a beginner. But let’s assume you decided to go with Entry Level Writer, so

45post X 1100(avg word)

= 49,500 words X 0.5paisa

= Rs.24,750

Apart from this, you would need someone to do on-page and off-page SEO for it on regular basis, it’s not that you get your articles written once and you are done, you need to update with time, and remember to get good and trusted freelancers is not that easy if you yourself don’t have much knowledge regarding the subject, they can take advantage of this to make money for themselves without actually providing something valuable to you.

In addition to this misleading information, bloggers are more focused on writing content that will help them to get more traffic to their blogs. So what’s wrong with this?

Bloggers being more focused on traffic volume is definitely not a good sign. It has given rise to clickbait titles, repetitive content, misleading information, and lack of creativity. Internet is already a messed up place and we should contribute to making it informative, creative, and helpful instead of messing it more.

Like every field, to succeed in blogging a person need to be passionate along with the right attitude and creativity.

Blogging has a lot of potential even, it can never die. Maybe ways of monetizing won’t be the same but bloggers and blogging will stay.

There is a lot of saying that AI will take over bloggers to generate content(maybe just like machines did to workers), but still, if it comes true, you don’t need to worry, treat them just like other bloggers (with better skills and techniques), but they are yet to come till that enjoy your blogging.

Today this article is not to discourage potential bloggers but to make them aware of what is happening around them.

Hope You Like This, Critics always help us to learn and improve, so you are welcome with your suggestions and point of view on my thoughts.

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